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Research Seminar: “Escrita de história, memória e gestão de um grupo familiar da nobreza Portuguesa, Séc. XV-XVI”

Scientific Meetings

The seminar aims to present unpublished or little known manuscripts, resulting from the writing of the history and memory of a family group that achieved great importance at court and in the kingdom between the 15th and 17th centuries, the Castelo-Branco family. Two of these manuscripts are in private hands and are being recovered for later digitization and open access; one of them will be published as a critical edition. The third was studied in a master’s thesis at NOVA FCSH by one of VINCULUM’s current master researchers, Fábio Duarte.

All this work is part of the activities of discovery, recovery, editing, study and availability of documents carried out by VINCULUM, another recent example of which was the “Livro das capelas de Machico” and, at the beginning of the project, the “Inventário de bens de Gonçalo Gil Barbosa”, from the beginning of the 16th century, studied and partially transcribed by another master of NOVA FCSH, Pedro Reis, connected to the research group on family archives.

About the manuscripts to be studied on April 28th, a post was published on Philoblog, one of the most important sites for the discovery and study of missing or unknown documents in the world of medieval literature and history scholars. It belongs to the U. California- Berkeley, and is run by Prof. Charles Faulhaber, coordinator of the largest database of medieval Iberian literature, Philobiblon. The post can be viewed here.


Date: April 28th

Time: 10:00 am – 4.00 pm

Local: Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa – Sede Nacional (Palácio do Conde d’ Óbidos), Lisbon