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Entail of the month

VINCULUM’S new science communication initiative, entitled “Entail of the month”, aims at sharing information on the history of entails and their founders. It will be published in the website on a monthly basis.

The “Entail of the month” initiative brings together graduate students in History at NOVA FCSH, who benefit directly from being part of an in-depth research project and hands-on training, researchers from the VINCULUM team, established historians, family archives’ owners and public institutions. It is with great pleasure that VINCULUM receives these contributors and opens its doors to all others willing to learn History in direct contact with international research.

You can also be involved with the project – by reading and sharing each “Entail of the month”, or by suggesting specific researches. VINCULUM welcomes new collaborations or suggestions for future issues of “Entail of the month” (email to: vinculum@fcsh.unl.pt).