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Student Contest: “Cria Vínculos com A História”

The student contest ” CRIA VÍNCULOS COM A HISTÓRIA” is an initiative promoted by the VINCULUM project (IEM- NOVA.FCSH), in collaboration with the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa (Lisbon Academy of Sciences), and the Associação de Professores de História (History Teachers Association).

The VINCULUM project (2019-2024) is a research project funded by the European Research Council, which aims to establish a solid documental and historiographical basis for the interpretation of the phenomenon of entailment in southern European societies, focusing on Portugal and Atlantic territories, 14th-17th centuries. Within the philosophy of the funding institution, VINCULUM is also based on the communication of science, seeking to make society aware of in-depth scientific research. Among other goals of this action, a logic of interaction between university scientific research and pre-university education is central.

The Academia das Ciências de Lisboa stands out for its centennial labor in favor of the diffusion of scientific knowledge, and the Associação de Professores de História has carried out, since its foundation, an important role in the training of teachers and in the defense of history teaching.

The present competition, in the confluence of the efforts of the three institutions, intends to implement objectives that will contribute to the development of interest for archival and historical research among secondary school students, as well as to the sharing of experiences and training strategies among teachers of pre-university and university education.

Application Information


Pre-registration: until June 30th, 2023, e-mail: criavinculos.concurso@fcsh.unl.pt

Confirmation of pre-registration or first registration: September 15th to 25th, 2023, e-mail: criavinculos.concurso@fcsh.unl.pt

Submission of papers: January 8th, 2024